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29MW SZS series environment-friendly gas-fired hot water boiler project for Harbin Investment Group

ZOZEN gas-fired boilers actively promote clean production in Guangdong

Customized ZOZEN gas-fired boilers assist high-quality development of lithium carbonate industry in Bolivia

The shipment of 3 sets of ZOZEN SZS gas-fired steam boilers

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Digital cutting

The high-precision machining components brought by digitalization are the guarantee of the quality of boiler welding and assembly. Zhongzheng Boiler has introduced advanced numerically controlled and digitalized equipment, including: high-speed numerically controlled surface drills, numerically controlled barrel drills, 3D laser cutting machines, 4 There are 600 sets of axis CNC pipe bending machines, Φ168 CNC three-dimensional pipe bending equipment, 100mm three-roller CNC universal plate rolling machine, serpentine pipe production line, CNC coil production line, and membrane wall production line. At present, the blanking CNC rate has reached 80. %the above.

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Welding automation

In recent years, Zhongzheng Boiler has undergone a large-scale welding process revolution, eliminating traditional manual welding operations with low efficiency and poor stability, and adopting high-efficiency and stable mechanical welding and automatic welding for production. Substantiate and update a large number of imported automatic welding equipment, and realize the automation of welding of all major components from the drum, the membrane wall, the serpentine tube to the steel frame.

Assembly mold

Overcoming or reducing the human factors that affect product quality is an important means to improve the level of technology. For the product assembly process, Zhongzheng Boiler has realized assembly molds, reduced the processing methods of traditional scribing assembly, eliminated scribing errors, and guaranteed products Neat.

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